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Membership: Membership


  • Be part of a group of like-minded water sport enthusiasts where participation in sailboat racing, stand up paddle board racing, group cruising, model boat racing, fishing and educational programs is shared and enjoyed.

  • Enjoy the camaraderie and participation of being a member in these events as well as networking at our member only social gatherings.

  • Membership allows for our members to compete on the world-wide stage of sailboat racing as well as local, regional and national recognized regattas.

  • Be part of a recognized yacht club that has the authority to conduct sanctioned regattas via our membership with US Sailing.

  • Enjoy reciprocal privileges with other yacht clubs that are members of Yacht Clubs of America, including use of their facilities, restaurants, and docks when travelling.

  • Want to learn more?  Please use the "contact us" submittal at the bottom of our homepage and we'll get back to you.

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Any person 30 years of age or more who has a demonstrated interest in participating in and promoting the development of water sports in all its aspects, including, without limitation, sailing, paddle boarding, cruising, angling, and racing, may apply for membership as a Flag member.  Flag membership extends to spouse and children under the age of 21 years..



Persons, ages 21 through 29 years, who otherwise meet the eligibility requirements for a Flag member, may be admitted to membership as Junior Flag member.

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Persons ages 12 through 20 years, whose parents are not members of the Club may be admitted as Junior members for one-year terms.

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Persons who reside outside San Miguel. Ouray, Montrose, Delores and Gunnison counties, who are Flag members, or the equivalent thereof, in good standing in a yacht club with which the Club exchanges reciprocal privileges and, who do not regularly participate in the activities of the Club, may apply for admission to the Club as Nonresident members.

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